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Swedish Massage Therapy In Tewkesbury

Deep Tissue Massage

Swedish massage (or classic massage) is one of the best known and widely practiced massage techniques in the western world. These massage techniques involve the manipulation of body tissues for therapeutic purposes.

Swedish body massage techniques include kneading, sliding or gliding, stretching, rhythmic tapping, stroking and wringing of the body's muscles and tissues.

Traditional Swedish massage techniques can be very helpful in reducing certain types of pain and joint stiffness and can also be used in conjunction with other massage techniques, depending on the needs of the individual

In treating the body, the mind can also benefit as massage more often than not helps to relax and destress.

The benefits of Swedish Massage are extensive!

Massage can...

Relax you and help induce sleep
Increase blood and lymphatic circulation
Improve function and appearance of skin
Helps to break down fatty tissue and cellulite
Relax tight muscles and improve the function and tone
Maintain increased mobility
Improve posture
Relieve stiff joints
Improve digestion, constipation and flatulence
Encourage deeper and more relaxed breathing
Help to reduce stress
Provide a sense of well being

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